Basketball (for little players)

We love basketball at our house. Every night, as soon as we walk in the door, our son asks, "Mom, Dad, do you want to play baskeetball with me?" That wasn't a typo, that is how he pronounces "basketball." And usually we try to convince him to let us eat dinner first, but then we play with his Fisher-Price Hoop. It adjusts to 3, 4, 5 or 6 feet tall, and can be weighted down with water or sand. His little brother also holds a ball up and looks like he is dreaming of the day he can throw the ball through the hoop, too. The hoop is sturdy and of good quality and we like the rubber ball it came with. You can even purchase additional balls if you need them for multiple players. Sometimes we use an NCAA mini basketball when playing outside. This ball is fun when it is inflated, but I find that I often need to add a little air to it. This hoop will also fit a full size basketball!

My son also likes to wear one of his basketball shirts when he is playing. Because he can't read yet, it's best if there is a picture of a basketball on the shirt like one of these basketball t-shirts from Gymboree.


Additional Ball:


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