You are Dino-mite, Valentine!


My three year old has discovered the awesomeness of dinosaurs, so we thought we would share some dinosaur love with his preschool classmates. Naturally they are "DINO-mite!" so we've created two different options for presenting this set of colorful mini dinosaurs. The bag comes with 72 mini dinos! If you choose to give a few to each friend, you can use a bag like this  4" x 6" bag. There is a label option you can print, fold, punch holes and tie a string through. If you want to give one dinosaur, there is a wrapper you can print and fold around each dinosaur. Both have a place to sign your child's name on the back. I used this string to tie around mine, but use whatever you have. Subscribe below to get the free printables! 

Here are the links for purchasing info:

72 count dinosaurs


Red & White String

Photos by Erin Napolitano

Photos by Erin Napolitano