Balloon Surprise

Open Box of Balloons 3.jpg

This is a nice surprise for a birthday boy, girl, teenager, college student or adult! In the past I have filled balloons with candy, notes, drawings and money, blown them up and packaged them in a box. The bigger the box the better because it means more balloons! This box of balloons is for my 11 year old niece. I put some candy inside some of the balloons - Smarties worked well to slip into the small balloon opening. I also put a Ring Pop into one balloon but it wasn't easy. I broke one balloon in the process and I heard from my sister-in-law that this is the only balloon that arrived at their house deflated, so I wouldn't try to squeeze a Ring Pop into a balloon again. If you are mailing this, remember that chocolate doesn't mail well in the warmer months. I also placed cash in some balloons. I'm always looking for creative and fun ways to deliver a gift of money. I used washi tape to hold the bills in small rolls and folded the end of the tape to create a small tab that my niece could pull to unroll them easily. This gift is especially great for mailing because it is so lightweight it doesn't cost much to mail! Then it is up to your gift recipient to decide how they want to pop the balloons and get into their gift. I enjoyed watching the video my brother-in-law recorded of my niece and her helpful younger brother popping the balloons open with a pencil!