Gift for a 1 Year Old on the Move!

My baby recently turned 1 and has been trying to walk. I love the look on his face when he realizes he is standing by himself. He looks around to see if we are looking and you can tell he feels proud of his accomplishment. To practice his walking skills, he has started moving furniture around our house. Anything light enough for him to push, he will. We've had small tables and chairs pushed across the room! It seemed like time to introduce him to the IKEA push cart that we had. 

The EKORRE Toddle wagon/walker is easy to assemble. The only part that needs to be screwed in is the handle. The rest of it is already assembled. I like that it is not another plastic toy and it has a modern aesthetic. The wheels are rubber and have not left marks on our floor our walls (when he pushes it into them). A nice feature is that you can adjust the tension of the wheels which will make it either push quickly or slowly. There is a screw that you can tighten to control this speed. Once I put the handle on and adjusted the wheels to make it roll slowly, my son immediately crawled over to it and started pushing it across the room! He knew what to do with it already. I feel safer with him pushing this over the kid's chair he was pushing. The only issue was that initially he didn't know how to turn it; so he would push it in a straight line and then get stuck against a piece of furniture or the wall until somebody turned it for him to zoom again! However, after a few weeks of practice he started to turn it a little. My older son wanted a turn, too. He filled it with blocks and made a delivery to dump them out in another room. 

The walker makes a nice gift and can be filled with anything! Here I put the book The Wonderful Things You Will Be. This is a nice book to give to parents of a baby or toddler. It allows them to imagine who their little one might grow up to be as we search for signs of their developing personality. One page has a little girl whose balloon is stuck in the tree. When I read it to my 3 year old, he told me how he would get the balloon down for her. He also laughed at the funny costumes of kids at the end and he told me he wanted to save people, and also, that he just wanted to be a kid. 

This gift seemed like it needed something cozy, so the Jellycat Bear is going for a ride, too!

I feel like there are a lot of options for filling this cart, and perhaps I'll do another post with other ideas. What would you fill the cart with?

Photos by Erin Napolitano

Photos by Erin Napolitano


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