Dinner & a Movie


I often like to give the gift of an experience. Many people are fortunate enough to have too many things, so a gift that a family or couple can experience together is a nice alternative. This gift experience is for a family of four. I think they would enjoy a night out to get dinner and see a movie together! 

I started with these popcorn boxes to deliver the gift. I wanted to give each family member their own box with a ticket and their favorite candy. The popcorn boxes are sold in a pack of ten, so I'll have some left over for another gift. I filled each box with some white packing material and placed the ticket and candy inside. I placed the restaurant gift card in one popcorn box, along with a note explaining that I hoped they would enjoy a night out together. 

I've seen movie theater and restaurant gift cards for sale at Target, so it's easy to get this gift during a Target run! Target also has a section where they sell candy like you would see in a movie theater.

I added a Family Dinner game to this gift that they could also enjoy together themselves or with their grandparents. It is a box of 82 questions, or conversation starters that will let everyone get to know each other a little more, or get them laughing.

Movie tickets, or a movie theater gift card, with or without a restaurant gift card, also makes a good gift for a teenager! Include either a Movie Theater Gift Card or a couple of tickets in a popcorn box with some treats!

Photos by Erin Napolitano

Photos by Erin Napolitano

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