Robot Gift for a Preschooler

We were invited to the 3rd birthday party for our friend's son. I wasn't sure what he was into, but knew that his mom enjoyed reading books with him. I wanted to find something unique that would probably not be a duplicate to what others were giving. I had stumbled across these cute robot blocks a while back and thought they would be fun for a 3 year old to mix, match and play with. Each robot is made up of 3 pieces - the head, body, and feet, which are held together with embedded magnets. You can put together any combination of robot you would like and it invites lots of imaginary play. I imagined the robots having a conversation with each other.

And then they changed up their look and headed to the party!

I found two robot books to give along with these blocks. The first is Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino. It is about a boy and robot who meet and have fun playing with each other until the robot's power is accidentally turned off. The boy tries to make the robot feel better by feeding him applesauce and reading him stories. What attracted me to this story, besides the minimalist cover art, was the fact that there was an opportunity to have fun reading the story by using your best "robot" voice! It's always great if the parent can entertain themselves, too!

IMG_9719-want to play.jpg

The second was Clink by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Matthew Myers. I read this book to my son and the funny illustrations had him laughing out loud - especially the page with the silly haircuts! He loved looking closely at the images and was happy with the ending.

Photos by Erin Napolitano

Photos by Erin Napolitano

See the links below for where to purchase these items. The Janod Robots Magnets come in a nice box that could be used to store them in!


I had also considered a few other items, and if I give this gift again, I may try one of the following. Power Down Little Robot looks like a good book for a child that doesn't want to sleep, and I think my son and I would have fun making up stories with the Tell Me A Story cards. If the birthday child were just a little older, between ages 4-6, I might have replaced one of the books with Robot, Go Bot! as it is a beginning reader book.