6 Outdoor Play Toys Reimagined

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Sidewalk Chalk molded into fun shapes

Sidewalk Chalk molded into fun shapes

Give the gift of outdoor play! There is plenty of research available telling us why it is good for kids (and adults) to spend time outside. If you want to read more about this, check out this article here. So consider giving a child gifts to play with outside!

In this gift to a 5 year old girl, we gave a Ladybug Playground Ball, a Bubble Set that will make 100's of bubbles, some sidewalk chalk, and sunglasses! Here are 6 classic outdoor play items that have been updated with cute or innovative designs that you may want to consider:

1. Bubbles: We love the Fubbles Wands that we find at Target which make it easy to make bubbles without blowing until you're light-headed. We have also had luck with the Fubbles Bubble Machine, and of course, there is the Gazillion Incredibubble Multiple Bubble Wand we bought for this gift.

2. Sidewalk Chalk: I found the beach ball and flip flop sidewalk chalk at Target, but there are other options available, like these candy-shaped chalks, or one of the many Crayola Sidewalk Chalk options like this rainbow rake.

3. Playground Ball: There are a lot of options to choose from in the cute playground ball category. Of course there is the Ladybug in this gift that my toddler still talks about, and we enjoy our Rainbow ball!

4. Jump Rope: If you want to consider a jump rope with a little something special, try this jump rope with little birds on the handles, this cotton rope with handles made from recycled plastic, or one of these super cute jump ropes with either wooden fox or ice cream handles!

5. Frisbee: A light-up version updates this classic for older kids.

6. Water Balloons: We gave these Zuru Bunch O Balloons to my 12 year old nephew. There was a lot of skepticism about how well they would fill, but they surprised everyone and worked really well!

Of course, playing outside may require some sunglasses, so we attached the sunglasses to the package with the free printable face available here, and styled the curling ribbon as the hair!

Download the free printable faces to make your sunglass gift more memorable!

Download the free printable faces to make your sunglass gift more memorable!

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