Birthday in a Box!

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birthday in a box
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A dear friend's birthday was coming up and I wanted to give her something special. I came up with the idea of giving her a "Birthday in a Box." There are many ways you could create a "Birthday in a Box," and I'm sure I will show other ideas in a future post, but for this one, I wanted to include some beauty items. I love this Fresh lip balm that has just a little bit of color, a great moisturizing feel, and SPF! I had considered putting some birthday candles in the box, but when I put the lip balm in, it had to become my candle! I created this free "best wishes" printable for you to slide in any lip balm, lipstick, or lipgloss to become a birthday candle and treat for a friend, sister, teenager, teacher... It can be given with other items, as in this box, or as a gift on its own! 

A birthday isn't complete without a tasty treat, so I molded these sprinkled chocolates to read "Happy." It is really easy, this is what I did:

- I used this silicone alphabet mold;

- put some colorful round sprinkles in the bottom;

- melted chocolate in the microwave in a ceramic mug, (I used Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Pound Plus Bar, each letter uses approximately 2 pieces from this large bar. I melted small batches of chocolate at a time, stopping to stir the chocolate occasionally until it was smooth);

- scooped the chocolate into the mold and tapped the mold to settle the chocolate and make it level;

- then let the chocolate cool at room temperature until I could pop out the letter! 

It is fun and easy, but if you don't want to go the DIY route, you could replace the "HAPPY" letters with a cupcake or a chocolate bar like this birthday cake chocolate bar from Compartes!

Next, this "Birthday in a Box" needed some confetti and a noisemaker. I had a 4" x 6" plastic bag on hand and put some confetti in one. I then made this free printable label that reads "throw in the air and say, YAY!" to go with it. You can fold this label over the bag and tape or tie it in place. I found the noisemakers at Target and placed one in the box as well. Finally, I included a bottle of this festive nail polish that adds a little sparkle and confetti to your nails. 

To present the gift, I found a white box at the Container Store, taped a strip of wrapping paper to the lid, and tied the entire gift closed with yarn and a handmade pom pom. I had never made a pom pom before but found lots of tutorials online. There is a video tutorial here, or a photo tutorial here. I think my poms would have turned out better if I used a thicker's just that I really liked this coral color that happened to be in a thinner yarn! The tutorials show how to make the pom pom by wrapping around a fork or tubes, but I used two markers instead.

The result is a cheery birthday gift that is sure to make your birthday gal feel special. If you missed it earlier, here is the link for the free printable

confetti bag
Photos by Erin Napolitano

Photos by Erin Napolitano

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