Books for Halloween!

To get into the Halloween spirit, we like to read books that have Halloween characters in them. They also make a nice non-candy treat for a child. While none of these are specifically for Halloween, they have characters that you typically see at this time of year. Check out the titles below to see what gets you into the Halloween spirit!


Book of Teeth

The Book-O-Teeth is one of the books in a series of wearable books. It isn't a specific Halloween book, but you're sure to hear some spooky sound effects as you or a child holds up the Book-O-Teeth. You can pretend to be a skeleton, werewolf, shark, beaver, zombie, and vampire. Similarly, there is another book called the Book-O-Hats. Not as spooky as the Book-O-Teeth, it has hats for a Builder, Chef, Firefighter, Cowboy, Pirate, and Viking. I know my boys would also love exploring the Book-O-Masks as well

We checked out the Book-O-Hats from the Library!

We checked out the Book-O-Hats from the Library!


Leo, A Ghost Story

Last year we brought home Leo, A Ghost Story home from the library. It is about a ghost, Leo, who has been living in a house by himself until a family moves in; he unintentionally scares them and is forced to leave his home. He feels lonely until he meets a girl who can see him and thinks that Leo is her imaginary friend. The girl doesn't learn that he is a ghost until he has to use some ghostly moves to scare away an intruder. However, she doesn't care if he is imaginary or a ghost, she just wants to be his friend. I didn't get a chance to photograph it, but here is a YouTube video of Leo, A Ghost Story being read. 


Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom is a story about a witch who finds room on her broom for new friends along her journey. When their broom breaks and the witch needs help, her friends work together to save her. Ultimately they create a new broom to continue their journey together more comfortably. The rhymes are fun to read, and my kids, ages 2 and 5 enjoy this one. Immediately after reading it, I was asked to read it again and I have been asked to read this one several times this week. There is also an animated version of this story you can watch. Here is a book version of Room on the Broom being read:

A Drop of Blood

If you want to learn some new facts, A Drop of Blood is a good read featuring a vampire. It teaches children (and adults) about what is in our blood, and what it does. We read this book in the morning, and later in the afternoon my son got a cut on his finger that bled. We talked about how his blood cells were making a net across the hole in his skin to stop the bleeding. He felt less scared about his cut when he told me, "my body makes new blood cells all the time." Scroll through the photos below to see more about A Drop of Blood and its illustrations. The age recommendations for A Drop of Blood is four through eight.


Baby Lit

If you would like to introduce babies, toddlers or preschoolers to some classic literature, the BabyLit Series has books based on Edgar Allan Poe, Frankenstein and Dracula and many more. The board book series introduces imagery and text from the classics with some great illustrations. See the first two books reviewed in the below video for Edgar Gets Ready For Bed (inspired by The Raven) and Edgar and the Tattle-Tale Heart (inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart). Edgar gets ready for Bed features Poe's famous line, "Nevermore!" and Frankenstein has diagrams of Frankenstein and it highlights his different body parts to teach a young child the names of eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, arms, and more.