Kite + Stuck by Oliver Jeffers


As a 3 year old, my son saw a kite and really wanted to fly one himself. We have tried a few different kites, and some wouldn't fly well. But we have not been disappointed with this red octopus kite. It often comes with us to the beach and both of my boys like to see how high they can get it to soar. Apparently it is a popular kite, because once we saw three others flying at the beach as well!

It comes with everything you need - the string and handle, and the package can be used to store it. We often fold the octopus and wrap its tentacles and the string around it before putting it back in the case which make sit compact to throw in a bag. We have one other kite that was purchased at the same time as this kite, but we have yet to try flying it at the beach because it is larger than this one and more awkward to bring with us. 

A good match for this gift is the book Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. A boy's kite gets stuck in a tree and he has an unconventional approach to getting it out of the tree. The kids usually laugh at this story, and this book and a kite make a good spring-time gift and activity! See below for photos of this book as well as a video for this book being read.


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