Pancake Play! Pretend Pancake Set and Pancake Books for Kids

Hape Play Pancakes

This gift was for a 3 year old girl. Not knowing which toys and activities she liked, I thought that most children could use extra play food and books in their collection. I found soft felt play pancakes and two pancake books that were both a hit with my 2 and 4 year old. Read on to learn which book makes their list of favorite books! 

The first book, Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast is about a leftover pancake and french toast in the refrigerator. They hear that the syrup is almost gone and both want the last drop, so a race to the syrup ensues throughout the refrigerator. They encounter all sorts of obstacles in the refrigerator. Sir French Toast falls into a jar of jam, Pancake uses a lettuce leaf as a parachute, and when they reach the syrup, it is empty! It turns out that while French Toast and Pancake were fighting their way to the syrup, Baron von Waffle had the last drop. French Toast and Pancake decide they should have worked together instead of fighting, and that as friends, they should share. They get this opportunity when they decide to share the butter. The book ends with the two friends sharing the butter and a fold-out page of the refrigerator contents. I was asked to reread this one immediately after we read it! See images below for Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast:

Lady Pancake Sir French Toast
pancake book for kids

The second book, Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book by Lotta Nieminen, was loved by both of my boys. There were tears when this book wasn't around, and requests to read it again and again and again! Based on their desire to read and play with this book so many times, I would have to rate this as one of their top favorite books! I loved the modern illustrations and the interactive elements that are more robust than some other interactive books. See the images and animation below for how Pancakes! An Interactive Recipe Book works:

kids pancake book
Pull the yellow tab to "Pour" the ingredients into the bowl.

Pull the yellow tab to "Pour" the ingredients into the bowl.

Pull tabs to "pour" ingredients, Spin wheels to "stir" them together!

Pull tabs to "pour" ingredients, Spin wheels to "stir" them together!

For the play pancakes, I wanted to find a set of soft pancakes instead of hard wood or plastic. It felt more authentic to be soft. Hape makes a set that includes two wooden plates, two forks, two knives, a wooden Pancake Mix box, a wooden bottle of syrup, four felt pancakes with syrup and butter printed on them, and ten felt strawberries. Unfortunately, at the time of this post the price of this play pancake set has gone up significantly. As less expensive alternatives, consider the Melissa & Doug Flip and Serve Pancake Set. The pancakes are wooden, but it comes with a skillet, spatula, knife, "sliceable" butter, and blueberry and chocolate chip topping disks. Or the Learning Resources Bright Bites Number Stack Pancakes is even less expensive, and includes a skillet, spatula and five numbered pancakes. The good thing about the Learning Resources Bright Bites Number Stack Pancakes is that it is for 2 year olds and up whereas the age recommendation for the others is 3 and up likely due to their small parts. See the links in the text or below for purchasing information! Purchasing from these links helps to support this site at no extra charge to you!

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