Shoe Wings

Not all of us can fly like Michael Jordan, that's where Shwings, wings that attach to shoes, can help out, or at least help kids to imagine they are flying or running really fast. This gift was for a sports-loving 5 year old and included a youth-sized hat and basketball, and Shwings. This child often wears hats, so when we found the Jordan Jumpman Kids' Adjustable hat, we knew it would be a practical gift for him. We looked for a youth-size basketball, and was happy to find one in two colors, making it more special looking than the standard orange basketball. The Shwings are a fun addition to this gift, and will fit onto any shoe size so you don't need to know your recipient's size. There are versions for both Velcro and laced shoes. The version shown in this post is for Velcro shoes and while the package shows them on shoes with two Velcro straps, they fit well on my son's single-strap shoes as well. My son is obsessed with shoes and running fast, and I know that he would love a pair of these, too as they are a great way to make old shoes look new again! There are more variations available for shoes with laces such as flames, butterfly wings, lightning bolts, a mustache and skull.  We may need to add to our collection once my son learns to tie his shoes! See the links in the text for where we found each of these items. 

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