Gift for a friend's 40th Birthday: Moscow Mule Kit

We recently celebrated a friend's 40th birthday and thought he would enjoy marking the occasion with a Moscow mule. There are kits available that include the copper mugs typically used to serve this drink, but they don't usually include the alcohol and I wanted to give him everything he needed to create this 1950's drink. Plus, it is also less expensive to purchase your own items individually. Items needed include copper mugs, vodka, ginger beer and lime. I opted for two copper mugs that have a stainless steel liner over the traditional all-copper mug that can add a metallic taste to the drink. The box the mug comes in has the recipe for the drink printed on it in case your friend doesn't know how to make one. For the ginger beer and vodka I consulted a friend who knows about these things and he suggested that Bundagerg Ginger Beer would make for a good Moscow mule and mentioned that it came in a nice bottle. I purchased both the Ketel One Vodka and Bundaberg Ginger Beer at BevMo! BevMo! also carries the mugs, but they only had one in a beat up box at the location I went to. The two mugs I ordered were delivered to my house in great condition which made putting this gift together easier. While we used this gift for a friend's 40th birthday, it makes a good gift for a guy for any occasion! Cheers!

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