For Dads

With Father's Day approaching soon, we put together a list of some items you may not have seen before that would be good for Dads. To start, we made this book that captures what our 4 year old knows and thinks about his dad. I love the responses that come from the mind of a child! Pages include "I love when my dad..." or "My dad smells like..." (my son said "deodorant!") or "My dad makes me feel..." This book template is free to download and the responses are sure to make dad smile. Download the cute free "My Dad is Rad" printable from hello wonderful. There are two downloads - one for the questions and one for the picture frames for your child to draw or paste photos into. I wanted to add some documentation to the book, so I made an additional page to document the child's name, age and the year. Get this additional page here or from the button below. (I included two on the page in case you have multiple children making these). Also, I didn't follow the hello wonderful instructions for assembling the book and instead threaded a pretty string through the pages and tied it in back. This is a very simple personal gift to make for dad!

book tied with string

book tied with string

download these pages from hello wonderful

download these pages from hello wonderful

download this page from hello lolli

download this page from hello lolli

For Dads with Babies & a Sense of Humor

This simple book by Jimmy Fallon tries to teach your baby to say "Dada" as well as animal noises. On each page a baby animal (cow, horse, sheep, duck, cat, mouse, frog, etc...) makes their correct animal sound while the father animal replies with "Dada!"


For Dad to keep his "Spirits" Up


There are several options for Dads who like to enjoy a drink every now and then! On this site we created our own Moscow Mule Kit. Click on the image above or the button below to learn more about what you need for this gift. Or check out some of the packages from like this "Three Cheers for Dad" gift that includes a Vodka, Bourbon and Gin. They also have monthly packages for Bourbon, Whiskey, Gin, and Vodka. If Dad appreciates a good chocolate, then maybe he will like these Guiness Beer Truffles from Compartes!

For the Star Wars-Obsessed Dad

Funny books that look at moments of Darth Vader like he was just a normal dad trying to raise his kids well.


For the Dad who rides a Bicycle


Check out this cool bicycle shirt from Blackbird Tees that reminds cars to share the road! I can think of a few dads that would rock this!

For Dads who like to BBQ

Consider this Grill Scout gift package from There are two package sizes available, both come with rubs and sauces for dad to experiment with. Or maybe they want to try their hand at crafting their own BBQ sauce with this Artisan BBQ Sauce Making Kit from Etsy shop, Grow and Make. It comes with everything you need to make your own BBQ sauces (tomato-based, mustard-based, and vinegar-pepper) except for the tomato sauce. Or try out one of these Rubs of the States or Rubs of the South seasoning gift packages from Gusto Spice.

For Star-Gazing Families


As a child we spent many nights at a bonfire in the backyard looking at the stars. I didn't know many constellations, but I could always find the Big Dipper. I'm still fascinated by the stars even though they are harder to see through the lights of the city I now live in. How cute are these Big Dipper and LIttle Dipper shirts for dad and his son or daughter?! They are also made by Blackbird Tees and are printed on American Apparel tri-blend shirts. 

For Dad to "Play" while Lying Down


These Car Play Mat Shirts from bky kid made me laugh when I saw them! They come in white or grey in size Small through 3XL. There is also an option to get Father/Child matching shirts. While the track on the dad's shirt is on the back, the track on the child's shirt is on the front so that the child can zoom cars on his or her belly! There is also an option for an Alien Track or Glow in the Dark Track, both printed on black shirts. Or there is a Train Track on a white shirt for those train lovers!

Happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there!