I Think the World of You, Valentine!

My son found this foam Earth ball at a posh children's boutique and convinced us to let him take it home with him. Later, I discovered that I could purchase them in a bulk package of 12 online (for a lot less, yay!) and we included some in his piñata for his birthday to share with friends. Since this time, I have also seen them sold individually at Michael's. They are great balls to play with at home because they are soft foam, and every now and then we point out where we live on the ball, or where an animal he is learning about lives. Fun and educational!

We are considering giving one of these unique Valentines to each of his classmates this year. We have two tags to choose from. The first, "I think the world of you!" has a multi-colored label with a heart on the front and an "XOXO" on the back. The second, "You're out of this world!" has a black and white design that includes a heart and arrow, and a star on the back, geared for my little outer space lover. Both have a place for a child to sign his or her name on the back. Subscribe in the box below to receive these custom-designed free labels!

you're out of this world.jpg
Photos by Erin Napolitano

Photos by Erin Napolitano

These are easy to make:

1. Click the link to purchase the balls.

2. Print the label.

3. Cut the labels along the black dotted lines.

4. Wrap around the ball, fold at the ends by the red dotted line to make it tight around the ball, and tape together! (Just try to keep the tape off the ball because if tape gets on the ball it might peel some of the earth graphic off).


Package of 12 balls


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