Our good friends' daughter was turning two. For previous birthdays, our friends have requested a donation to a charity instead of toys, so I knew I wanted to find a gift that was a good mix of practical and fun for both the child and parents. 

Rainbow Shirt from Etsy Shop, Plucky Mustard

Rainbow Shirt from Etsy Shop, Plucky Mustard

I've been in love with this Rainbow Balloon ever since I saw it, and what kid doesn't love balloons? I bought the balloon online and had it inflated at my local Party City. I wanted to give clothing (the something practical), but that doesn't mean it had to be boring. I searched until I found this Rainbow Glitter T-shirt from Mini Boden. It's colorful and sparkly, hopefully a shirt the birthday girl will be happy to put on. Unfortunately, at the time of this post, it is no longer available. But there are other rainbow shirt options out there, like this shirt from Etsy shop, Plucky Mustard, or this Rainbow shirt from Hello Apparel. Even a sweatshirt or a solid-colored t-shirt or two could be substituted, or given to a boy as there are fewer rainbow-themed shirts for boys. Or just skip the clothing and give the ball, balloon and book(s)!

rainbow ball in clouds-close.jpg

For the something fun, besides the balloon, this rainbow-colored ball was irresistible. My kids love a good bouncy ball, and this one is even more fun than most with its multi-colored design. I found this one on Amazon in a package of three. I thought I would give one to the birthday girl, save one for my boys, and hang on to the last one for another gift. They come deflated, but I was able to quickly pump it up at home. Since purchasing this gift, it looks like Land of Nod also came out with their version of this ball sold individually. So depending upon how many you want, there are purchasing options. 

"The clouds pushed upward and away. Little Cloud pushed downward and touched the tops of the houses and trees."

"The clouds pushed upward and away. Little Cloud pushed downward and touched the tops of the houses and trees."

And if you've read my previous posts, you know I love to give books. The book for this gift is Little Cloud by Eric Carle. I was unfamiliar with this board book, but it is a story of a small cloud who ventures away from the other clouds and changes its shape. I like how it opens your imagination, and introduces the idea of looking at cloud shapes to children - something I did often as a kid. This book is good for a young child, but there are other cloud books out there that I would consider if I were giving this book to a slightly older child. For example, I would love to read Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld or Cloud Boy by Rhode Montijo to my 3 year old.

To present this gift, I wrapped it in blue paper, added some white clouds and ribbon and tied the rainbow balloon to it. Simple and fun! You can download the clouds here to make your own wrapping paper. 

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Photos by Erin Napolitano

Photos by Erin Napolitano

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