Star Gazing

This gift was for a new baby girl. We were going to meet her unexpectedly and I needed to get a gift quickly! I didn’t have time to get to a store to pick something up, so I relied on my Amazon Prime membership to get something to us the next day. When my first son was born, we were given the Twilight Ladybug. It projects stars onto the walls and ceiling in red, blue, or green. It captured his imagination as a baby and continues to do so as a 3 year old. My second son is also mesmerized by it and it has helped us get him to sleep some nights. I remember times even when he was a newborn and he didn’t know his days from nights, and his vision was still developing, I could turn this on and the lights would calm him.

"Every night the boy watched the stars from his window and wished he had one of his very own."

"Every night the boy watched the stars from his window and wished he had one of his very own."

And because I love books and no gift is complete without a book, this star-themed gift is paired with Oliver Jeffers’ story, How to Catch a Star.  It is about a boy who loves stars, (I can relate as I also love stars!) and tries to catch one. He tries to jump, climb a tree, lasso one, and is unsuccessful. But he finds a star where he wasn’t expecting. See the above photo for a glimpse into the illustrations and style of this book. I sure hope the baby enjoys this gift as much as my boys have! This gift is appropriate for a baby and would also be enjoyed by a 1, 2, 3 or 4 year old! See the links below for where to purchase these items.

How to Catch a Star
By Oliver Jeffers
Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light, Lady Bug, other animals also available:

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