Book About Me For Kids


This is a look at two books for a child to fill out with things about themselves. Now that my oldest is reading and writing more, it is fun to see his responses. We haven't finished the books yet, but I have learned more about him, and what is going on inside his 6 year old head, by his answers and his explanations of his drawings. A book like one of these is also a nice keepsake to look back on years from now.


We will start with a look at the book, Me A Compendium, made by Wee Society. We have given this book a couple times, and now we are working on this book as well. It sometimes comes out when my son is waiting and he may complete a couple pages at a time. In watching my son fill it out, I realized that Erasable Colored Pencils would work well for these books as he wants to use colorful pencils for his drawings, but sometimes wants to erase to fix his letters or change his drawing. I love the colorful graphic layout of Me A Compendium, and as mentioned earlier, I have gotten insights into my son's thoughts by seeing his responses to the prompts. When it came to the page that asks the child to write their favorite thing to say, I had no idea what he would write, but had to laugh when he wrote "Mom" as I hear this countless times each day! This book has around 96 pages with prompts like, "If I had a band, it would be called..." and "Number of steps from my bed to the front door," and "Number of jumping jacks I can do before I get tired," and "I think this is the best book." Scroll through the photos below to see a glimpse into this thought-provoking book for a child:

The second "Me Book" is My Book about Me by Dr. Seuss and Roy McKie. It has around 60 pages and includes prompts such as counting how many windows, beds, pictures on the walls, steps, forks, and keyholes your house has, what your address and phone number are, how many steps it is from your front door to the first tree, what you collect as a hobby, whether you live in an apartment, house in the city, a town, country, desert, mountains, farm, suburbs or near water, and what your favorite food is. You can scroll through the photos below to see more into this book

While both books provide some good activities, I am partial to Me A Compendium. It offers a wide variety of activities and thought provoking prompts and I love the modern illustrations. It will continue to be the kid's fill-in book we will give. And with school being out for the summer, it is a fun book for kids to read and write in themselves. See the links below for both books as well as the erasable colored pencils. And as usual, purchasing through these links provides support to run this website at no additional cost to you! Thank you!


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