Bunny & Spring Round Up!

If you're trying to get that Easter Basket ready, here are a some bunny and spring-ready ideas to consider. I keep our baskets simple, but there are a lot of cute options to choose from! I picked up these bunny headbands and large black eggs in the dollar section at Target. I am imagining my boys hopping around like bunnies after getting them, and maybe we'll set up a little hopping obstacle course. Or they can hop their way across a hopscotch that we draw with these egg-shaped sidewalk chalks! They are available in a pack of 6, or 2 packs of 6 for a better value depending upon how many you need. 

Sidewalk Chalk

2 packs of 6


1 pack of 6



Spring is a time to go outdoors and enjoy the great weather. I like to give my kids a fresh bottle of bubbles in their baskets. I picked up the Fubbles no-spill bottles from Target. I love the no-spill aspect because my kids have a tendency to dump the bubbles out otherwise. But if they were older than 1 and 3, I may consider one of these cute bunny-shaped Bubbimals or these carrot and chick-shaped bubbles instead! The Bubbimals are also available here.



For little gardeners, this garden kit packed in an egg carton is cute! There are packs for vegetables, flowers, and even ingredients to make a pizza!



For books, I love this baby animals book for a baby, toddler, or preschooler. It has that cute spring-looking chick on the cover that makes it cute for this season yet is great to read any time of year, plus the illustrations are simple and cute with raised and recessed portions for baby to feel. The same goes for the If I were a rabbit... book. We have a different animal from this Jellycat series and it has had a lot of love in our house. For kids ages 8-12 (or even older!) Mad Libs are always worth a good laugh and there is an Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs!



Recommended for 4 year olds and older, these craft kits by Seedling look fun! Make a pom pom-style bunny or a bunny mask:



I picked up one of these bunny poppers on clearance at the end of last year's season and I think my son is going to love it. It was voted 2012 Parents Magazine "Best Toys." It is recommended for kids ages 4-16!


My 1 year old received a dog pull-toy for Christmas and both he and his 3 year old brother love to pull it around. I would imagine they would also love this super-cute bunny pull toy by Kid O that "hops" as you pull it. I think my 3 year old would also like the challenge of this puzzle-like wooden Lacing Sheep that is recommended for 3-6 year olds.



Lego always makes a great gift. Here there is a  Lego Bunny and Easter Egg Set, (both for ages 7 and older); Lego Friends Bunny Hutch and Lego Friends Bunny and Babies (both for ages 5-12). There are also Easter Eggs filled with vehicle building blocks that comes in a pack of 6 which is great for dividing between multiple baskets!


Meal time Accessories

A few things for meal time like this Munchkin Straw Cup, A pretty wooden bunny plate:



For clothing, consider one of these cool bunny shirts from Etsy shops Mochi Kids or anUPdesign.

Kawaii Bunny Shirt from Mochi Kids

Kawaii Bunny Shirt from Mochi Kids

Bunny Shirt from anUPdesign

Bunny Shirt from anUPdesign

For Soothing

For a teething baby or toddler there is a cool modern teether that can reach both sides of their mouth at once and happens to make a cool bunny shape. Also, we were given one of these bunny ice-packs with my first son and I have found that it makes a great distraction when the kids get hurt. They usually stop crying and start playing with the cold bunny!


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