Fingerprint Heart: Easy Valentines for Teachers & Grandparents

Two overlapping fingerprints create a heart!

Two overlapping fingerprints create a heart!

This is a very quick and sweet valentine to make for a teacher or grandparent. What you need to make this:

- Download and Print the Free Print by Subscribing below.

- An ink stamp pad. I used red, but you could use any color.

- Your child!

I first showed my 5 year old what I wanted him to do by making a heart with my own fingerprints. There is extra space on the side of the print for practicing that can later be cut off. You can use any finger. I think my 5 year old used his thumb and my 3 year old used his pointer. Then I showed where I wanted him to make the print on the paper, right above the words. I would recommend printing a couple extra pages as it took us a couple tries to get the placement right. For my 3 year old, I helped him by placing his finger for him. That's it! Cut out the square and you're done! You could have your child sign his or her name, or make a drawing or painting on a separate paper to glue behind this square to frame it. I think I may need to make an extra for myself to keep!


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