welcome to hello lolli!

Hi. I'm Erin, and these are my two boys who are 3 years and 11 months old. Welcome to the start of a website and blog dedicated to gift giving. There are so many sites and blogs about party planning, but what about all the people going to those parties?! What gifts should we bring to those wonderfully creative parties? My son's preschool classmates started having parties where all the class was invited. There were several in a row and I kept asking, "What should we give?" and would stress about it until I found something I thought was age appropriate. One day after searching and searching for yet another gift, inspiration came in the form of ice cream! I put together an Ice Cream themed gift that included Ice Cream Play Doh sets, a Curious George book about Ice Cream, and a Gift Card to a local frozen yogurt shop. That night I thought of several more gift ideas for kids and I had so much fun coming up with more! Some of them I wish I would have thought of when my nieces and nephews were younger. I thought, "Why isn't there a resource of these ideas?" Sure, toy manufacturers give age recommendations for their toys, but it is usually for one item, limited to their products, and not a complete gift or practical resource. I immediately started working on creating a resource that people could search for gifts based on the age of their gift recipient. Many of the gifts have options so you can choose based on how much you want to spend. To make it even easier, I provide links for where you can purchase the items. I just started creating without thinking about how much work it would take to put something like this together. And I'm glad I didn't as it probably would have stopped me from starting. So why the name, Hello Lolli? Well, my son was introduced to his first lollipop at a birthday party, and since then he has been hooked. He now thinks birthdays should be filled with balloons, lollipops, piñatas and bounce houses!