When I Was Born: Gift for Baby - 5 year old

This page makes my son laugh

This page makes my son laugh

When I Was Born by Isabel Minhos Martins and Madalena Matoso is one of my favorite children's books! With it's modern illustrations and dream-like text, it is a book that I love to give to kids (and parents). Check out the above photos for glimpses into this book. Here I've paired it with a an equally cool modern toy. A friend gave my son this wooden rainbow when he was born, and at our house it is part decoration, part toy. It is one of the few toys that gets put back when play is done, and my almost 16 month old son reaches for it often to make the arcs teeter around. I also use it to talk to him about the names of the colors. My almost 4 year old tries to stack them and balance them into "rainbow trains." Older children may enjoy this as a room decoration. The manufacturer recommends the toy for ages 3 and older.

Unfortunately When I Was Born can be a little tricky to find. On the bright side, this makes it a unique gift! I've bought it a couple times from Amazon, but they don't always have it available; although it looks like new versions are available from secondary sources on Amazon. Thankfully it is also available online at Book Depository with free delivery! I am happy to have another source for purchasing this great book!


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