Gift Ideas for Moms

Mother's Day is coming up, and while I enjoy a nice experience with my family for mother's day, sometimes you need to find something to give as well. There are recommendations for moms on this site here, but we came up with some more ideas to inspire you. 

Mom Power

Let's face it, being a mom takes a lot of energy. Help her out with some goodies like a good coffee from Intelligentsia or Groundworks. Intelligentsia offers a Home Subscription Gift and Groundworks offers 3 or 6 month subscription gifts. Or give a gift card to the local coffee shop. Let her rejuvenate with one of these face masks: this one is "energizing," this one is "relaxing and refreshing." And a really good chocolate bar doesn't hurt when you need an energy boost! Try one of these extra special bars from Compartes.

For the Mom (or Grandma) who likes to Read

Would she like a kindle? Or does she already have one? Then perhaps an Amazon gift card to replenish her collection- it's great for kindle books and regular books! You can give her a gift card in a nice box or through email. If she prefers physical books over digital, kids or grandkids could make her a bookmark. And maybe she would like a nice blanket to curl up in while she reads. 


For the Mom who enjoys Wine

Get her a nice bottle of wine. If she likes red wine, get her a nice dark chocolate to complement it. Wine charms, new wine glasses (these glasses with chalkboard paint on the bottom are clever and eliminate the need for a wine charm), or there are some cool wine glass pens that allow you to write on a wine glass, but it washes off when the get together is over! Otherwise a corkscrew, bottle stopper, or a pretty decanter are nice accessories, too!

Wine Glasses with Chalkboard Bases

Wine Glasses with Chalkboard Bases


For the Mom who likes to Bake

Consider getting her a new cookie sheet, or silpat, some cute cookie cutters (here is a pretty jar filled with 12 cookie cutters, 1 for each month of the year), measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, spatulas, and if a child likes to bake with mom, give matching aprons for mom and child like these cool matching denim aprons from Etsy shop, Faro Store. Or these chevron print for mother and daughter from Etsy shop, Pretty Creations by Me.

Mommy & Me matching denim Japanese Cross Back Aprons

Mommy & Me matching denim Japanese Cross Back Aprons


For the Mom who likes to Work Out

See some of the recommendations made in this Work It, Girl! Gift Idea, but additional items could include exercise clothing, new shoes, cute socks, an iTunes Gift Card, a nice water bottle, and some energy bars.

$20.00 $40.00

For the Mom who likes to Shop

Consider giving her a new purse or wallet, and hey, why not throw in a Visa Gift Card or a gift card to her favorite store to give her a reason to get herself something special?

For the Mom that likes to go to the Movies

Get her a gift card or tickets to the theater, plus popcorn and candy! See this movie gift recommendation here.

For the Mom who likes to Write

FInd a pretty blank journal and pen for her to write with. Or consider a Gratitude Journal


For the Mom who goes to all the Kids' Sporting Events

A nice folding chair, a cooler, blanket, snacks, a team shirt, and a travel mug will make her more comfortable cheering those kids on from the sidelines! This cup has an elegant shape and will keep hot beverages hot for 5 hours and cold beverages cold for 9 hours. Plus it is dishwasher safe!


For Creating Conversations & Recording Memories with Kids

I've been using this Q&A a Day for Kids with my newly turned 4 year old. The first page of the book starts on January 1st, but we started a few months into it. Each page has three spaces to fill in the year and the child's responses. The idea is that you use this book every day for three years and you will be creating 1,095 conversations with your child and recording how your child's responses change throughout those three years. We started only a few weeks ago, but my son seems to enjoy the time when I ask him questions and has never resisted the activity. It creates a special moment when I am interested in what he says, and it's just for the two of us, not his younger brother. We will see how well we keep up with it over the years, but I look forward to reviewing the book years from now and laughing at some of the comments! There are other versions that would be great for a daughter to give her mom like the Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and their Moms.

Each page has a question and space for three years of answers in Q&A a Day for Kids.

Each page has a question and space for three years of answers in Q&A a Day for Kids.


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