Indoor Snowballs

My mom gave my son a set of indoor snowballs when he was a toddler as a way for him to enjoy some winter snow fun while we are in sunny Southern California. We've had hours of fun with them all year round as they have proven to be a good ball to throw around inside the house - good for playing catch, juggling, or just throwing around. The Snowtime Anytime snowballs come in sets of 20, 2530 or 40 snowballs. This set of 30 is went to an 8 year old this winter. The great thing about the Snowtime Snowballs is that they have a realistic snow "crunch" feel when you squeeze them, all the fun of snowballs without the cold! They are also great for a wide range of ages. 

If giving this to a younger child, maybe 5 years or younger, consider some of these snow-themed books. I remember reading, and loving, The Snowy Day as a child, and now my 2 year old reads this book at school. In this story, a young boy wakes to find that the ground is covered in snow. He goes outside in his red snowsuit, makes tracks in the snow, is too young to join the snowball fight, and puts a snowball in his pocket to save for later. It is a classic story and the The Snowy Day book photographed is my childhood copy of this book! Bunny Slopes is a fun interactive book about a bunny in the snow. To learn more about this story, watch this YouTube Video of Bunny Slopes being read. I also love I Am Small. The illustrations are beautiful with thoughtful metallic foil added to the pages, and the story is sweet. My son and I have read this one many times. Scroll through the photos below to see more about the books. I'd love to hear more about what snow books you enjoy!