Sweet 16: New Driver Kit

new driver kit gift

My cousin's son turned 16 and I wanted to celebrate the fact that he got his first driver's license! I thought a New Driver's Kit might be appropriate. There are a lot of directions this idea could be taken. I thought about useful things to have in the car. My dad gave me a tire pressure gauge as a young adult and I still use it today when my tire pressure light comes on. I like having a reliable gauge that I can trust as the gauges at the gas station don't always work well. I also thought that a small flashlight that could fit in the trunk or a glovebox would be useful in case of an emergency. I like that this MagLite Mini comes in a box with batteries, ready to use. 

When I got my driver's license, everybody didn't have their own cell phones. My old car often broke down and I'm not sure how I got help without one. I think I might have had to knock on the door of a person's house to use their phone! Could you imagine if somebody knocked on your door today and asked to use your phone?! Thankfully, this isn't an issue for most drivers today, but keeping your phone charged can be a problem. That's why I included this Belkin Universal Car Charger. My cousin can plug in his phone to ensure he has a charge in case of an emergency.

Finally, a New Driver's Kit didn't seem complete without a classic tree-shaped air freshener

Other items I considered were an ice scraper for those cold Chicago area winters, and a first aid kit. See the links below for online purchasing options:

Photos by Erin Napolitano

Photos by Erin Napolitano


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