Construction Toys: Trucks and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Book

3 year old playing with the Toy State Caterpillar Tough Tracks Bulldozer

3 year old playing with the Toy State Caterpillar Tough Tracks Bulldozer

This is one of my favorite gifts to give a little toddler or preschooler. Trucks are versatile toys with classic appeal that invite imaginative play. The Toy State Caterpillar Tough Tracks were given to my son when he turned 3. Now at almost 4 and half years old, and his younger brother at almost 2, the trucks are used to dig in the sand and dirt and have held up well to their rough play. Occasionally the dump truck is even used to put toys away...but usually the clean up becomes a new play opportunity. I have also given the Funrise Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck to a boy in his preschool class. The Funrise Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck is much larger and will be better for hauling toys. But The Toy State Caterpillar Trucks are a good size for small hands and are made of plastic so they are lightweight and easy to transport to the park when he wants to play with them there. They are also a good value as they come with three different trucks - a bulldozer, dump truck and back-hoe. My only complaint with the Toy State Caterpillar Trucks is the dump truck. The truck bed pivots on the back wheel which often makes it tip your load before you've "driven" it to its next location. But this is the product designer in me noting how I would design things differently to improve them. My son has never noticed or complained about this and is content to load it and dump it. Also note that the according to the manufacturer, the Toy State Caterpillar Trucks are for ages 2 and older while the Funrise Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck are recommended for ages 3 and up.

We also received Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site with the trucks and we both have enjoyed reading this one! It is well written and has great illustrations that personify each truck. I like the relaxing repetition of "Shh...goodnight, Cement Mixer, goodnight" as each truck goes to sleep. My son likes to look at the bulldozer's "teeth" and the crane truck's "arms."

If you're looking for a little something extra to go with this gift, a kid's Construction Toy Hard Hat is a nice addition. There have been times when my 3 year old has put plastic bowls on his head to pretend they were construction helmets, so I know he would enjoy one of these!

A quick but cute wrap could include using this Caution Tape as a bow! It doesn't get much easier than this classic gift! See the links either in the text or below for purchasing information!


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