Colorful + Glittery Unicorn Gift


The party invitation for this 5 year old had a unicorn on it, and the party activity revolved around art. Using this information, I set out to find a unicorn gift that would allow this little girl to be creative! There are lots of unicorn items out there, and I looked at many of them, but few had the right quality or creativity I was looking for. After searching through the options and reading several unicorn books, I ultimately purchased the Unicorn Adventures Color-In Book with its cute illustrations. It has a modern twist to it with simple graphic illustrations of unicorns doing various activities like surfing, roller skating, holding a cupcake, and being a DJ. There are also some great unicorn patterns. This book has 32 pages, each single sided so you don't have to worry about markers showing through to another page and they are perforated in case you want to take them out to showcase your work! The birthday girl would need something to color this book, and naturally the unicorns need some glitter, so I also included these Glitzy Glitter Markers. And for additional coloring tools, I found these Unicorn Crayons from Custom Crayons by Sara. It comes with seven unicorn-shaped crayons in a beautiful assortment of rainbow colors. And I just noticed on her website that she is now offering the option to make sparkle crayons so you could add even more unicorn magic! Even without the sparkle these crayons are really pretty, and working with Sara is always a great experience (I've ordered from her before). I highly recommend her and her work! With the coloring book, glitter markers, and unicorn crayons the birthday girl will have everything she needs to create her own unicorn artwork!

One of the other items I almost purchased instead of the Unicorn Adventures Color-In Book was this Unicorn Adventure Scratch and Sketch Book. These books get good reviews and there are several books in this series with different themes. I plan to try one of these in our next flight or road trip and will review it then! This Mudpuppy Magical Color-in Puzzle also looks like a good option for combining creativity and unicorns in a 24-piece puzzle that children can decorate. It is recommended for ages 3 through 5 and comes with its own crayons. For younger unicorn fans, this 12-piece puzzle is good for 2 through 3 year olds.

For books, I considered Lily the Unicorn, by Dallas Clayton, about a unicorn that likes to make things, including friends. I also considered Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great. To see more about this book, check out this YouTube video of it being read.

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Glitzy Glitter Markers on Unicorn Adventures Color-In Book

Glitzy Glitter Markers on Unicorn Adventures Color-In Book