Unconventional Princess: Gift for 4-8 year olds

We were invited to a 5 year old's Cinderella-themed birthday party. Obviously she is into princesses and probably has a lot of Disney Princess books and toys, so I decided to give her something still princess-related, but a little less common. I have seen this child draw and be creative with crafts in preschool and thought she would enjoy decorating and playing with her own princess wand! The Melissa & Doug Decorate Your Own Wooden Princess Wand comes with paint, a paintbrush, glitter glue, white glue, gems that can be glued onto the wand, and ribbons.

Knowing she would probably receive a lot of toys, I wanted to include some new books for her library with princess stories she may not have heard. Princess Hyacinth is about a princess that has a unique problem. When not weighted down by the heavy crown and clothing her parents put on her, she floats up into the air. She longs to play with the other children and one day asks the balloon man to tie a string around her so she can float outside without floating away, just like a balloon. But she gets loose and floats in the sky until Boy, that's his name, catches her with a kite. She develops a friendship with Boy and is happy to not be alone in the palace anymore. It's a well-illustrated, unusual princess story, and I'm sure it's not one in the birthday girl's collection already!

princess hyacinth floated-75.jpg

We also gave The Paper Princess. This is about a girl who makes a princess out of paper, but the wind blows the paper princess away before the girl put hair on her. The Paper Princess then tries to find her way back to the girl that made her and ends up getting crumpled, hair put on in the process, and befriending a bird. It's a nice story, and my son quietly listened to the whole thing and enjoyed looking at the pages with lots to see, but of the two books, I think my son and I preferred Princess Hyacinth. Other unconventional princess books I would consider for another gift would be The Princess and the Pizza, The Paper-Bag Princess, Not Every Princess, Not All Princesses Dress in Pink, Part-Time Princess, and I wish I would have seen this one before the birthday party, Interstellar Cinderella! Bring on the next princess party as I am eager to explore these more! What about your princess lover? What are your favorite non-traditional princess stories? I'd love to hear about your favorites. See the links in the text or below for purchasing information for the wand and books.


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