Cooking Class

A Cooking Class is one of those activities that can work for a wide variety of ages. A friend and I have taken a couple cooking classes, as has my 9 year old nephew. If you know somebody who would enjoy this experience, look into your local class offerings. It makes a nice gift for somebody to go to on their own, or for you and the gift recipient to do together!


If you'd like to give something to present the gift, a child may like a personalized apron. For an adult, you could present the gift with a cookbook or a bottle of wine! This apron can be ordered with a name embroidered or silk screened onto it. The company selling the aprons referenced a 7 year old for the small and an 11 year old for the medium.

The classes that a friend and I took together in Los Angeles were at Cook LA. Let me know if you've given a cooking class as a gift, and I will include your local classes in a list here!

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