Designer Baby & Toddler


Did your friend, the graphic designer, have a baby? Here are some items they might appreciate. You can find a baby bodysuit or toddler t-shirt with the baby's initial in the infamous Helvetica font. Choose a book or two like Pantone Colors to teach baby color, or Little 1 by graphic design legend, Paul Rand and his wife Ann, to introduce baby to numbers. Art For Baby will introduce the child to iconic artists in a high contrast black and white format. For play, some colorful wooden toys like the Plan Toys Roller is fun and colorful, or the Haba Magica Clutching Toy looks like a sculpture on its own when not being used. And only a streamlined car will do for this designer baby, so think about the Kid-O Go Car. If the child is 1 or 2, then consider the Plan Toys Plan Preschool Walk N Roll instead of the roller. 

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