1. Why didn't the link bring me to the product recommendation?

Sorry about that! We try to keep our links current, but sometimes retailers change their offerings. Let us know what is missing and we will try to find a suitable replacement link or product. Contact us at wellhellololli@gmail.com

2. How do you choose your products?

The gift ideas are selected because we believe they are inspired, fun and enriching for children and parents. The gifts may be chosen because we have personal experience with them and they have proven to be useful, or they have captured our child's interest again and again. We don't want to give the gift that gets played with for a few minutes after opening and then sits on the toy shelf not to be played with again. Every child has different interests, but we do our best to choose gifts that will bring something to both the child and the parent. We also strive to only recommend quality products that earn high reviews. We are continually updating the gift recommendations as we use and experience new products.

3. I have a product I would like to recommend. Can I submit it to you?

Yes! Of course, contact us at wellhellololli@gmail.com and we would be happy to consider it. However, we will only post items that align with hello lolli's goals.

4. Are my purchases made through the hello lolli website?

The only purchases made through hello lolli are those made in "Our Shop." The rest of your purchases are made through external websites that hello lolli provides links to. We do not collect any payment information for these. Some products may contain affiliate links that provide a commission to support hello lolli if you purchase the item, this does not add any cost to you.

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