How to Survive Your Freshman Year + Doorstop

College Survival Gift.jpg

This suggestion was given to me by my cousin who recently saw her kids off to college. The book is How to Survive Your Freshman Year by Mark W Bernstein and Yadin Kaufmann. It includes information about all aspects of college life as informed by interviews with hundreds of college students. I wish this was around when I went to college! My cousin also recommended giving a doorstop. Each of her kids were given a doorstop and were glad they had one - it allows the student to keep their dorm room door open so they can be social and meet people. Thinking back, I'm not sure how we kept our doors open and I know they were!  Any doorstop would work, but if you're giving one as a gift, why not make it a fun one like this Stoppy. It comes in black, pink, and translucent. This makes a thoughtful gift on its own, but if you're looking to give a little more, college students always appreciate cash!


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